International Cell Phone Rental: How to Rent A Global Phone

International Cell Phone Rental: How to Rent A Global Phone

Posted 7.27.2012 in Articles by Jess

Stay in touch with people when you go abroad by obtaining an international cell phone rental. Renting a phone instead of paying for a global service plan has a number of benefits. You'll get a local number for the country you're in, there's no minimum rental period, and you never run out of minutes! Most rental companies offer free incoming calls in a number of countries too. They're perfect for someone travelling for a short period because you only pay for the days that you travel. Not quite sure how to rent a global phone? International cell phone rental can be quick and easy when you know what to look for. Keep in touch with those you're travelling with on your next trip by renting a cell phone. Instead of panicking when you lose your friends in the crowds, just give them a quick dial on your rented phone and never worry about losing them again!

Sometimes, buying a phone or using your own phone for overseas use or international calls can be a huge hassle and a money pit. While cellphone providers may offer international plans for various models and prices, some providers do not have full or any coverage in some areas and per-minute calling rates can be expensive. The carrier network may not be compatible with your destination country. Furthermore, some countries have high theft rates, and foreigners with expensive cell phones could be easily targeted. Another option is to rent an SIM card, as long as your phone has been unlocked. Switching an SIM card will give you a local phone number and low calling rates, and you won’t have to buy a new phone. However, your phone must be unlocked and operate on the GSM network.

Alternatively, travelers could buy a local phone once arriving in the country, but then comes the hassle of language barriers and possibly not understanding the full contract.

Renting a phone for the country you are visiting may be the easiest solution: there is no need to buy a new phone, unlock your phone, worry about carrier computability, buy a new SIM card, or worry about the rates your American cell phone provider is charging. Consumers can rent a phone at airports, or from websites like,, and These companies will mail you a phone and on your return, you can simply mail it back. The phone will be a local phone good for domestic calls within the country you are visiting. Although rental phone plans vary, keep in mind that some can get pricey, especially if trying to call home from overseas.

When renting a phone, make sure that you understand the rates and plan fully so there is no accidental run-up of bills. Some plans offer unlimited incoming domestic calls, for example, and most rental plans have a base price in addition to prices to pay per minute, depending on location and what type of calls you are making.

For short trips or convenience within a foreign country, however, or as a way to keep from getting separated from your fellow travelers, renting an international cell phone is one of the simpler solutions for those going abroad.

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