Using Your Own Phone With Cheap International Cell Phone Plans

Using Your Own Phone With Cheap International Cell Phone Plans

Posted 7.27.2012 in Articles by Jess

Tired of dealing with the inconvenience of renting a cell phone every time you travel but don't want to deal with purchasing a new cell phone? Why not just use the phone you already have with a cheap international cell phone plan? If you're a frequent traveller, it doesn't make sense to keep renting a cell phone everywhere you go. If you're making calls back to the United States, it will be less expensive than if you had a local phone plan in your destination anyway. So toss that rental phone out the window and start using your own phone when you're abroad!

If you use your own phone while travelling abroad, there will be no need to buy a new phone or switch to a local cell phone plan. You’ll also have the same phone number as before. In comparison to renting an international phone, using your own cell phone can be much more convenient. You don’t have to worry about changing SIM cards, contracts in different languages, or worry about the charges you might be unwittingly incurring from phone rental companies. Getting a phone plan in a country abroad may mean that international calls home may still be hideously expensive. In terms of pure convenience, having your own phone, which you know and are comfortable with, keeping your old phone number, and working with your familiar cell phone provider from home, is the process with the least hassle when travelling abroad. To get an international  cell phone plan, get in touch with your provider and they will outline the process for you.

Of course, having an international cell phone plan does have some downsides. Consider the fact that not all cell phones have global capabilities. Cell phone providers that provide GSM phones, which are able to get coverage abroad in most countries, are AT&T and T-Mobile. Other providers may use CDMA or a different type of mobile network, and so may not have coverage abroad.  Sometimes, using an international cell phone plan can be pricey, more so than renting a domestic phone. If your phone is pricey, it could be a target for thieves, depending on where you are travelling. But if these aren’t major concerns for you and will still opt for an international phone plan, make sure you find a global cellphone plan which fits your needs best.

When choosing a global cell phone plan from your cell phone provider, make sure to consider the coverage. Depending on your cell phone provider, the international cell phone plan may or may not have coverage in the country you are visiting. Make sure to see if your phone plan will include a data plan, in addition to texting and calling rates.

Roaming charges can be high, so to avoid those and still manage to make calls domestically and internationally, to keep your own cell phone and number, and not have to deal with rental companies, getting an international cell phone plan may the best option. If you need to keep in touch with your home country while travelling, consider getting a global cell phone plan to expedite your phone use.


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